Guide to Finnish ECEC


This guide gives you insights into the Finnish methodology in ECEC. With the help of this book you can refine, revise or even transform the educational methodology and style in your school. You can achieve the same educational outcomes while having happy and curious children who are eager to learn more.

Soft cover, 110 pages


Finhow – A Guide to Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care.

We are happy to bring to you this Guide to Finnish ECEC. With the help of this guide, you will learn how we think about early childhood education in Finland. You will also learn what we do in our ECEC schools and how we help our children to thrive in school and how we encourage them to be active participants in their own learning process.  It also answers the question how we manage to achieve remarkable learning outcomes while the children are having fun and playing.

This is a comprehensive book with the following chapters:

  1. Basic features of Finnish ECEC
  2. Operational guidelines
  3. Learning environments
  4. Pedagogical planning
  5. Pedagogical implementation and pedagogical activity, curriculum
  6. Learning areas
  7. Transversal competencies – future skills
  8. Curriculum building in different age groups
  9. Children’s needs and interests – individual early childhood education and care plan

Every chapter includes a part where you are asked to reflect on the topics presented. You are asked to reflect on your own methods of teaching compared to what you have just read. These reflection help you evaluate you own doing and critically analyze how you can alter you thinking. Upon completion of the book, you will have a set of action points that help you redirect your teaching methodology, so that you can combine the best parts of you own strengths with new revelations from the Finnish methodology.

This Guide to Finnish ECEC, together with our activities book, gives you excellent tools on how to transform you teaching towards the Finnish way.

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