Our Specialists

Teija Vähälummukka

Teija is an experienced pre-school teacher and school leader. She has been in a key role in creating  the language immersion program in English Playschool in Vaasa, Finland. She is specialised both in school leadership and in language immersion and teaching methods.

Mikaela Schwenson

Mikaela graduated from the University of Helsinki as an ECEC teacher in 2014. She worked as a teacher and as director in a Bilingual Kindergarten in Helsinki before moving to Australia. In Australia she is currently running the “Bush kindy”-program in a Reggio Emilia-inspired ECEC centre in Margaret River, WA.

In her pedagogical philosophy she emphasizes creativity, free play, observation, documentation and rituals to best support the children on their individual learning journeys. She looks forward to working with international partners to help create unique learning experiences for children around the world.


Kristiina Virkkilä

Kristiina has a 40-year career in early childhood education as a teacher, pre-school teacher and as deputy school director. Sha also has extensive international experience. She has trained ECEC personnel and teachers in Central-Asia and the Middle-East as a part of international development programs and given lectures about family and parenting in Central-Asia, Russia and Ukraine.

She has also published two books in Finland about children and parenting.