Our Management Team

Blaine Taylor

Founder, CEO

Blaine was born and educated in America with a Master’s in School Leadership and a B.S. in Psychology. He has 15 years’ experience as an ECEC teacher in four different countries. He has developed educational programming for private schools in Moscow and Kuwait before moving to Finland where he specialized in creating English language programming.

In his educational studies he focused mainly on the use of technology in early learning environments as well as on second language acquisition.  He is currently working at a preschool in Turku which emphasizes learning through play where he is creating a new English language program. There he focuses on art as a medium for expression and communication between children. He is currently planning to further his education towards a PhD in Education.

Minna Björkman

Director, Education and Development

Minna is the co-founder of Finhow and a genuine entrepreneur, and she has been so most of her life. She is also a psychologist, educator, head-master and a work councelor.

Minnas heart beats for the children of the world, as well as for those here at home. Her passion is to make a Kindergartens and Pre-schools a place where the children really can thrive.