Our History

In 2007 two families founded a company, Provida Oy. In 2009 we opened our fist ECEC school in Vaasa, Finland. We expanded to another school in 2010 and a third one in 2015. 

We had three main visions for our operations: 

  1. Focus on the child’s well being from the start, including visits to to the child’s home before entering the day care (soft landing). Thus the child meets his or her primary caregiver for the first time in a familiar and safe environment.
  2. Focus on creative and explorative play, where the children with their interests show the way and the teachers with their adaptivity and professionalism can include educative tasks and ideas in everyday play.
  3. Emotional safety for the children, where hugs and cuddling is always present, voices are never raised and the children learn the basic rules and behaviour in a respectful way.

We had great success, the children were happy, the parents pleased and the staff content. We received top marks in the yearly surveys conducted by the city of Vaasa.

In 2017 we were acquired by a major Finnish ECEC school chain, Touhula Oy.

With our background and knowledge, we want to share the best features of Finnish early childhood education with schools around the world, so that children in every part of the world can feel the joy of learning. Finhow was thus born in 2017.

In 2021 we were happy to get valuable international reinforcement, when Blaine Taylor joined Finhow, taking over as CEO and owner. Him joining us added deeper knowledge of the educational field in various countries, such as the US, Kuwait end Russia.