Membership Program

The Membership Program

Early Childhood Education is at its best when you can merge the best practices of your own culture and strengths with the pedagogy and ideology of the Finnish educational system. By joining the Finhow Membership Program you get both!

The Program consists of:

1. Logo and brand name

  • The right to use Finhow and Finhow International Education brand name and logo.
  • The right to use Finhow sign as a registered and later approved school at school entrance and in marketing.
  • The use is optional but can give added value to your marketing.

2. Dowloadable guide

A comprehensive downloadable pdf guide “Finhow International Education – A Guide to Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care”, containing:

  • Learning environments (physical, social-emotional, and cognitive)
  • Operational culture and operational guidelines
  • Pedagogical planning
  • Pedagogical implementation, curriculum
  • Learning areas
  • Transversal competencies
  • Individual Early Childhood Education and Care plan
  • Cooperation with parents
  • Children with special need for support

3. School Requirement Forms

  • Forms with criteria for Finhow Framework, to direct the implementations in different areas.
  • Changes are made in the school´s own pace and timeline

4. Yearly assessment of the school

  • When school is ready for their first assessment, the approval visit is done, and based on the visit the accreditation to be a Finhow Member School is given.
  • This can take a year or less, depending on the individual level and operations of each school that applies for membership.

5. Certificates

  • Certificate for the school to be first a registered Finhow Member school.
  • Later, after first approved assessment visit a certificate of approval to be an Approved Member School
  • Certificate renewed each year after new approval and audit
  • Certificate of attendance in a Finhow Member School for each student every year

6. Contacts to schools

    • Registration Approval Visit
    • Guiding for the School in the Finhow Membership topics to fulfil Requirements for Membership on-line. School choses if guidance is needed and in which areas.
    • Yearly Assessments for Membership Approval, carried out by Finhow or a representative appointed by Finhow

7. Trainings
(at extra cost)

    • On-site trainings carried out by Finhow, or a representative appointed by Finhow, for Member Schools. Optimal cost-benefit would be to have teachers and leaders from several schools at the same training. The trainings can also be sold to other non-members if chosen to do so. Various topics related to the Finnish early childhood education system are possible to conduct
    • Certificates of attendance are given on each training by Finhow
    • On-line Training modules form a whole program, designed to support the implementation of the Finhow Framework to a specific school. Training fee per person. Certificate of attendance given by Finhow and by VAMK (Vaasa University of Applied Science)

8. On-line consultations

  • With Finhow representatives (at extra cost)
  • For leaders to support the managing of change in the school

We offer a complete set of ways to transform your international school to a more Finnish-style ECEC school. You will still be “in the driver’s seat”, Finhow is your co-pilot and map reader. You decide how far you want to go, how much of the Finnish way you want to adopt and your time frame for doing this.

The process is easy and straight-forward: