Membership Program

Join the Finhow International Education Membership network!

Early Childhood Education is at its best when you can merge the best practices of your own culture and strengths with the pedagogy and ideology of the Finnish educational system.  By joining Finhow International Education you get both!

We offer a complete set of ways to transform your international school to a more Finnish-style ECEC school. You will still be “in the driver’s seat”, Finhow is your co-pilot and map reader. You decide how far you want to go, how much of the Finnish way you want to adopt and your time frame for doing this. 

We provide you the tools to develop your ECEC school. You get a curriculum, materials, written criteria and a continuous support for progress at your own pace. You do not need to adhere to strict and costly rules or to governing structures. You decide!

Through the Membership Program you also get to be a part of a growing community of schools around the world.

Becoming a Member School is easy:

  1. Contact us.
  2. Submit your application.
  3. Finhow visits your school and evaluates the current status.
  4. You get a curriculum and written criteria for possible changes in order to become more Finnish.

When sufficient criteria are met, you will be registered as a Member School and have the right to market you as using a Finnish curriculum and adhering to Finnish standards

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