Finnish ECE -concept - A turnkey program

The Leikki-concept is a year-long training course which gives you a thorough insight into Finnish early childhood education (ECE). The program covers everything you need to know for starting your own nursery school according to Finnish standards – without forgetting your local customs and cultural needs. If you already have a nursery school up and running we have a half-year Leikki-concept training for updating your nursery and supporting the change. 

The Leikki-concept consists of training sessions and support during the entire project. We help you with leadership, recruiting the right kind of people and, most importantly, implementing the Finnish way of thinking into your nursing school practices.

The concept consists on-site training, consultations, blended learning and of individual studies. It is crusial that the whole staff takes part in the program. This ensures that the program is fully embedded and comprehended in the same way by everybody. 

After completing the Leikki-concept, you can have your own nursery school up and running according to Finnish standards. 

Finnish nursery concept, Finnish early childhood education

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