Finhow Education is a genuine Finnish Education specialist. We expertise in training any professional/principal/director/teacher/parent who wants to create a genuine thriving, helpful, safe, creative, fun, motivating and exciting learning environment for all children! We have a thorough background in running our own ECEC Schools and helping school owners create their own curriculums based on their needs and cultural characteristics.

We share our methods  of  education, based on the best scientific pedagogical methods in the world. We are dedicated to give the needed theoretical knowledge and to help in bringing theories to life in everyday activities. 

The success of the Finnish pedagogy is in its ability to effectively combine all the latest scientific pedagogical methods that are proved to help children thrive and is applicable to all curriculums no matter where and what type of school you would like to create or what kind of company you work in. In order to make a lasting change, we merge the existing strengths with new approaches from the wisdom of the Finnish educators, who have managed to build one of the best, leading educational systems worldwide!

We specialize in interculturalism, inclusion, equity, emotional intelligence (empathy) – multiple intelligences, conflict resolution, social skills, interpersonal relationships, international communication and teambuilding. We help any diverse group thrive and unite to help each individual feel included, involved, happy and important, so that they can create miracles and have a meaningful, positive impact in the world.