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Raise children like a Finn with us. Our mission is to bring the Finnish way of thinking and doing to your local nursery school. We want to give each child the possibility to thrive and succeed through sensitive interaction with the adults around them.

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Finhow is a Finland based company specialized in Finnish early childhood education. We base our success on academic research, skills and experience. We don´t sell theories or exams, but real change to everyday educational contexts. We offer a full-concept training of Finnish early childhood education, and some easier and faster ways of learning about central elements in the Finnish system. Some of our products are available through our Finhow Academy webshop.

Your key to Finnish
early childhood education

The Finnish education system is one of the best education systems in the world.
But what is our success made of?

In Finland we do less of ...
leikkilevel measuring
leikkiminute curriculums
leikkilearning individually
leikkifocus on academic performance 
leikkiteacher centered organized sessions
And more of ...
leikkiindividual observation to enhance true learning
leikkiactive, explorative experiences where curiosity plays a big part
leikkilearning in the group, together
leikkifocus on 21st century skills and readiness to learn

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Read more about our products:

Finnish Nursery Week

Finnish Nursery concept

Leikki language shower

You can find more information about us here!


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