Finhow Education Ltd.

Why Finhow?

Finhow is an international company based in Finland, specialised in Inclusive, Holistic Education and focused on spreading the best Educational methodologies and Pedagogical practices all around the world!

There are many pedagogical approaches and methodologies created by famous educators such as Montessori, Freinet, Pestalozzi, Steiner etc. But, focusing on only one approach is like choosing only one color to paint your school and neglecting all the others. 

That’s how Finhow makes a difference.  Finland has nowadays one of the best Educational systems worldwide because of its ability to combine the best aspects of all the Educational methodologies that exist until today and create a more balanced, effective and holistic approach based on the latest pedagogical scientific research. 

We offer various services in order to help you transform your school/institution/team/class/ company or your professional services to a more holistic (Finnish!) approach.

From early education to adult education, either you are a psychologist, a director of a school, a teacher, a childcare professional who wants to improve your services, you own a company or you are a part of it and want to improve the HR, because you understand that by improving the communication and efficacy of the team, you improve the final outcome, work satisfaction, ethical work aspect and therefore, reliability, profit, positive impact and better results. No matter what your wish is we are here to help you make it happen.

Learn by experts how to become an expert or let us do the job for you by educating and training your team. 

See how we can help you through our Training Programs, Consultations, Seminars and Curriculum Support.

Finhow offers you:

  • An effective way to implement the highly acclaimed Finnish educational style in your school/educational institution/class/ team/company or even in your family. Learn about the best pedagogical practices that exist today in the world!
  • Differentiate, flexible, adjustable  trainings to suit your needs no matter where you live and what you want to create
  • High quality service and on-going counseling and support 
  • A means to differentiate yourself from other companies/schools and have a true, positive impact in the world by helping both children and adults thrive!

New book out now!

Our brand new book 

A Guide to Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care” 

is now available for you to order!

The book gives a comprehensive insight into how we in Finland structure the days in our early childhood education, how we teach, what we focus on and how we help the children be active participants in the pedagogical process.

The textbook presents all the major themes and contents for transforming existing schools, or starting new schools, to follow the Finnish methodology and operational structures.

Get your own copy, read more and order here today!

Finnish Early Childhood Education

Your insight to Finnish Educational Experty

The Finnish education style is considered to be the best in the world.

But, WHY?

Would you like to learn what is this “magic recipe of success” that will help you transform your work into a more productive, satisfying, healthy, peaceful, inclusive environment?

Do you want to know HOW to educate children like a Finn?

We bring the Finnish way of thinking and doing to your local educational institution, school, company, any diverse team, business or family. We give children around the world the possibility to thrive, succeed and prepare for continued, international education through sensitive interaction with the adults around them. We train adults on how to form better relationships with themselves and others, as well as how to help children do that. We offer counselling to parents, teachers, psychologists, business/team managers or any other professional who works with humans! 

Join us!

Do not hesitate to be in touch and learn more about how you can transform your work environment!